Krieg DLC Releasing For Borderlands 2, May 14th


Right on Gearbox’s own twitter, Krieg announced that he’ll be available for Borderlands 2 as the sixth playable character on May 14th.

While Zer0 is considered a more finesse oriented melee/sniper hybrid, Krieg will be a more aggressive, in your face type of melee character with an emphasis on high risk and high reward, with his main trait being an inability to regenerate health normally unless he kills enemies to literally feed him health. He can even be damaged by friendly fire but said friendly fire also bestows power buffs! Now that’s what I call risk/reward.

Krieg will be priced at $9.99 or 800 Microsoft points but he is not apart of Borderlands 2‘s season pass plan. To add a bit of envy to the situation, attendees of Gearbox’s PAX East panel will get him for free.

via MTV Multiplayer

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