Google Play Game Services Is Android’s Game Center


Android gamers can finally bring their mobile gaming experience into a more cohesive experience with Google’s newly announced Google Play game services. Features that seem standard now are finally coming to Google Play’s suite of games like achievements, leaderboards, cloud saves, and even real-time multiplayer through Google+ circles.

These features are available for any game supporting the Google Play game service. So while Android is the first thing that comes to mind, other platforms like iOS compatible devices can also draw on game services’ extensive features. Games like World of GooSuper Stickman Golf 2Beach Buggy BlitzKingdom RushEternity Warriors 2, and Osmos are some of the first titles to adopt the games service.

Cloud saves are a great addition to the primarily mobile platform but this also gives Google+ new reasons to be relevant. I haven’t used Google+ seriously in months but real-time multiplayer built upon the foundation of a social networking website sounds like a new frontier Google will be treading on.

Introducing Google Play game services

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