Seth Killian Playable in Divekick


The original fighting game guy, Seth Killian, is coming to Divekick in all his bespectacled glory when the game releases for Playstation 3, PS Vita, and PC this spring.

On Divekick, Seth is S-Kill, which was his old fighting game handle. S-Kill doesn’t jump but instead teleports before going for the divekick. His teleport isn’t instant so he’ll have to plan ahead in his spacing. But he can also parry and counter for the kill.

Seth Killian got his start playing Street Fighter II competitively. Eventually, he got Capcom’s attention and was brought onboard as a special advisor for their fighting games as well as their community manager later on. He’s now the lead game designer over at Sony’s Santa Monica Studio.

With the addition of Killian to Divekick, the game that started as an in-joke to the fighting game community has slowly blossomed into something more substantial while still adding more references that make it a love letter to the hardcore fighting game community.

via Destructoid

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