Star Wars: The Old Republic Accidentally Bans Players


Chalk one up to the “oops” category as BioWare needed to apologize to accidentally banned Star Wars: Old Republic players. The total number was, “less than 150.”

All affected players should have notices in their inboxes regarding the issue, and hopefully, their accounts restored. The ban was only temporary, one week, but still a rather shocking sight to a legitimate player. If someone feels they were wrongly suspended, they can make contact at who will then sort through the details.

Community Manager Eric Musco explains what occurred in this Old Republic suspension mix up:

“… some exploits which were introduced with Game Update 2.1 around Color Crystals and Collections… We take exploits in our game very seriously and we had been working to action players who had used those exploits. Yesterday was our Terms of Service team doing exactly that… there was a small subset of players who were incorrectly caught in this tracking and subsequently actioned… If you were one of those players who had not been exploiting and were wrongly flagged, you should have already been contacted by CS as of reading this message. If this is what occurred to you I cannot express how sorry we are…”

Thankfully, the situation seems to have been given the all clear. You may continue acting out Jedi fantasies.