Week in Arcade: CastleStorm


A $10 gem of substantial quality, even regarding its 3D quality.


A generous mixture of tower defense and Angry Birds, this quirky medieval romp has players pecking away at an opposing castle while frantically protecting theirs. Suited console controls makes management snappy. Allowing for the spawn of friendly forces or the player to rush into the mix themselves, the rapidly paced fury of a game session is near exhausting. Yet, so much of this is inherently fun, it is near impossible not to be drawn into this world of magic, swords, and sorcery. Cap it off with deep and enriching stereoscopic 3D, CastleStorm suddenly bursts onto the XBLA with force.

Note: Also released this week is another Hunter’s Trophy 2 title. This one is set in Australia, but bears no discernible gameplay difference to the previous release.