White 32GB Wii U Releasing in Japan, New Game Pad Battery


Nintendo released the Wii U in easily discernible colors: Black, representing the heftier 32GB console, and white, a more lean version with 8GB of memory.

Japan – exclusively it would seem for now – will buck the trend and the recipient of a 32GB white Wii U at the same price as the black unit, sans Nintendo Land as the pack-in.

Being honest, system color was a real factor in my personal purchase, the thought of having yet another glossy black electronic on the entertainment center sucking up dust unappealing. No word on US or European multi-colored 32GB Wii U’s… although E3 is awfully close.

Nintendo is also forging ahead with an extended Wii U Game Pad battery, pushing the active time from a short 3-5 hours to 5-8, an definite improvement. Dollar to yen translation places the battery around $30. Again, this is Japan only for the time.

Image and Nintendo statements at Joystiq