Halo 4 Weapon Tuning Update Goes Live


Battle Rifles kill in fewer shots. The Carbine may actually be effective. Light Rifles shoot faster when zoomed. DMR headshot range has been tightened.

All of these tweaks (and more) are now live in Halo 4, changing the gameplay balance of 343’s tuned first-person shooter. The developer has made the title slightly faster on foot, and damage has been boosted from one end of the spectrum to the other. Super weapons like rocket launchers or Spartan Lasers remain untouched. So do close range blasters like shotguns and Scattershots. A full weaponry rundown is available at the Halo 4 blog at Waypoint.

While weapon tweaks are major, playlists are being dabbled with as well. Overtime in Capture the Flag has been extended from a desperate one minute to a slightly less so two minute span. King of the Hill has been opened to allow for more time in the hill, forcing more teamwork.

A slew of changes to weapon drops, spawn points, and objective points have been made as well.

As always, the community will decide if the changes stick. Regardless, 343 has shown to be attentive and in-tune with the needs of the game, this slate of changes certainly evidence.