Terraria’s Going Mobile This Summer


I enjoyed my nights playing Terraria with friends on a server, just digging into Hell and generally spelunking without a care in the world except for the monsters trying to kill us. Soon (this summer in fact), the Terraria experience will be coming to mobile devices like iOS, Android, and Windows 8.

505 Games is publishing the affair while Dutch developer Codeglue, of Rocket Riot fame, will be taking care of the port. The port will support leaderboards, achievements, and Facebook integration for sharing screenshots. It’ll also be optimized for use on phone and tablet touchscreen though it remains to be seen how a game with such granular controls can transition to the touch format.

There’s been no mention of multiplayer  support though and most of Terraria‘s fun is driven from player-to-player interaction. But to have Terraria portable with multiplayer would be amazing.

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