Xbox One Required Connection, Used Game Policies Revealed


With days before Microsoft’s E3 2013 keynote, Major Nelson posted information regarding the Xbox One, used games, and always on connection. The three-tiered plan includes messaging about the Kinect (it can be turned off), always on (internet checks are required every 24 hours for the system to function), and used games (don’t ask).

Microsoft is touting game licensing as their strong suit, locking down game lending in confusing wording and letting third parties dictate whether their games will be resold at retail. This system only allows “participating” retailers to take in games, meaning private sales are void. Inside your own home, Microsoft allows up to 10 people to share games on the same console. Dual console homes are under stricter conditions.

Microsoft’s decision to tie the system tightly to the internet, even if they try to brush blame onto publishers, has allowed a system of strict, confusing control. The average consumer will be blindsided when one game carries resale value, and another does not. These restrictive measures have no appreciable consumer benefit, and how Microsoft sells this to a mass audience will prove interesting.