Xbox One Games Playable After Servers Turned Off

In an interview with Reddit’s r/games community, Major Nelson confirmed that Xbox One games will be playable after the servers are shut down… but there doesn’t seem to be a concrete plan in place. Cue the quote:

“We haven’t even started this generation, so it’s kind of early to talk about the end of the generation. That’s certainly something we would not do. That’s not the way the system is designed. It’s designed for flexibility. But let’s get the system out there first.”

But, the Xbox 360 is nearing the end of its life. What about Xbox 360 authentication servers? Are they on the same network? Original Xbox Live content was rendered void when that shutdown occurred. There is also the issue of unloading data such as AI to the cloud. Forza 5, as far as one can tell, doesn’t even have AI, instead sending computations to the cloud to create living races.

New system or not, this is important information. If a plan is in place, why not tell us? For preservation purposes, this is essential. Dodging the question by saying it’s too early is not helpful. It’s never to early to know about the future of your purchases.