Game Gear Mega Man Coming to 3DS


Predominantly considered a Nintendo-born franchise in the 8 & 16-bit era, Capcom slipped two Mega Man games under the radar for Sega consoles. One was for the online Sega Channel, Wily Wars (physically released in Japan, PAL regions), and the other a lowly Game Gear version.

Developed by Freestyle, the strictly titled Mega Man was an amalgamation of Mega Man 4 & 5 on the NES. A US only release, Mega Man stands as one of the rarest and most valuable games for the color handheld, otherwise an easily collectable console. Loose cartridges sell for $40, while the box and manual can be worth more than the game itself. Complete copies can sell for upward of $300.

Thanks to the Game Gear inclusion on the 3DS eShop Virtual Console, Mega Man’s Game Gear legacy will be able to reach a wide audience. Sharp-eyed ESRB followers at GoNintendo noted an issued rating for the forgotten entry, which means the title is in the pipeline in some capacity, almost certainly for Virtual Console.

How is Mega Man? It’s a sharp, colorful affair with workable resolution problems. If one recalls Super Mario Bros. Deluxe on Game Boy Color, mismatched resolution meant a part of the screen was cut off. For Mega Man’s purposes, this means certain pits could go unseen. However, simplification of boss battles (Mega blaster did damage with every hit to boss ‘bots, no cooldown) made it an accessible entry point to the franchise.

Image: Gaming Historian