New 3DS Streetpass Games Finally Arrive in North America

Back when Nintendo released a firmware update to allow the 3DS to back up save data for their downloadable games, they also released four new premium Streetpass games. Except, other territories like Japan got to enjoy the games while North America was conspicuously left out of the jam.

But the update to receive new Streetpass games along with a new Mii Plaza finally rolled out for North American 3DS owners Friday. Just in time to miss all the great west coast conventions like E3 and Anime Expo! When you boot up your 3DS, your Mii Plaza will prompt you for an update and you’ll then have new spots open up in your plaza to download and play Streetpass Squad, Streetpass Garden, Streetpass Battle, and Streetpass Mansion. The cool thing is that these aren’t throwaway, in-house developed Streetpass games. These games were made by the minds behind Kirby’s Epic Yarn and  Virtue’s Last Reward!

I never thought I’d drop money for a Streetpass game but Streetpass Squad sounds cool as a side-scrolling shump. Streetpass Battle and Streetpass Squad are similar to typical Streetpass experiences but Streetpass Mansion is a light RPG that let’s you build your dungeon as you go.

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