Ultra Street Fighter IV Announced, Physical/Digital Release


Released initially in 2008, Street Fighter IV will live on… again. Succumbing to popular riffs regarding their reuse of Street Fighter dating back to Street Fighter II, Ultra Street Fighter IV will mark the fourth edition of the renewed fighting franchise. One more and Capcom will have matched their own personal best when they bestowed Super Street Fighter II with a Turbo variation.

Ultra SFIV brings in five new characters, four ported from Street Fighter x Tekken: Elena, Rolento, Hugo, and Poison. The fifth is a mystery character to be revealed later, the latter stated to be someone new to the series.

Also included are new stages, tweaks, and modes, setting up for an early 2014 release. Digital DLC, compatible for Super Street Fighter IV or its Arcade Edition update will run $15 across PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. Those seeking to fill additional shelf space can pony up $40 for a physical copy on consoles. For that price, Ultra should be stocked with full costume sets from any and all prior DLC.