Angry Birds: Star Wars Headed to Menagirie of Consoles


An exhaustive console list is set to play host to Rovio’s popular Angry Birds: Star Wars spin-off. Not long from the announcement of Angry Birds: Star Wars 2, Activision cuts through console lines to cram agitated fowl onto home & portable systems, October 29th.

Only the semi-active DS is avoiding the pull of this uber franchise. Sales stragglers Vita and Wii U, both with touch screen design (along with 3DS), are ready and waiting. Wii, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 check off each major platform. Those wondering about PCs can soak up Bird fun within Google Chrome or Facebook, or pick up physical CD copies.

Buyers will also be able access new two player co-op and four player versusĀ  modes. Also incoming are 20 new base levels.

Across all platforms, Angry Birds: Star Wars will ring up $39.99 on cash registers, a mammoth jump from the $1-$3 pittance required on mobile devices. Chastise price if you will, but the model still works. One million copies of Angry Birds Trilogy sold, and those numbers only came from three platforms.