Week in Arcade: Narco Terror, Cloudberry Kingdom


Two distinctive $10 efforts highlight this week’s efforts.

Narco Terror

Unapologetic with regards to its (very) explosive violence, Narco Terror is flippantly aggressive as DEA agents mow down crack dealing thugs. With a mediocre starter weapon, Narco is a slow starter in a dual stick genre known for instant gratification. Upgrades and secondary ammo blissfully up the damage ante withtime. Local and online multi spread out carnage and spark Narco to life. Infinitely repetitious without apologizing for it, this is a surefire summer romp with zest.

Cloudberry Kingdom

Procedurally generated levels collide with a platformer, a noxious combination, to birth this unrelentingly difficult platform frenzy. Punctuated levels douse themselves in rotating, shining hazards that often have little coherence. Cloudberry Kingdom exists to kill, believing itself to pay homage to spirited platformers of old while ignoring their core essentials… like level design. It is clumsy, irritating, and fitted with head knocking techno to make itself wholly unpleasant.