Wii U Splinter Cell Blacklist Cuts Local Co-op


With a goal of shipping Splinter Cell Blacklist on Wii U alongside additional consoles, UbiSoft made the decision to slice local co-op modes. Online remains in play.

UbiSoft caught the ire of gaming’s broad community earlier in 2013 when they held the release of hotly anticipated Rayman follow-up, Legends, to create ports for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Legends is due in September.

Now, there is a smaller entanglement, with UbiSoft choosing to hit the feature set on Wii U, and certainly trim development costs for the fledgling hardware. Gamepad implementation is limited to Sam Fisher’s OPSAT, described as allowing, “access and control his gadgets and to communicate with his team.”

Is this decision technical in nature, i.e., new hardware posing coding challenges for the team or deeper rooted within the controller situation? Is the Wii U pad too integral? Or, is the decision directly related to potential (or lack thereof) sales? Sound off below.