Rumor Dept.: Amazon Shipping Android Console in 2013


Game Informer snagged a mega-exclusive when a source revealed to them Amazon is prepping an Android game console for year end, 2013. The unnamed unit would be home amidst various Kindle devices.

Instantaneous comparisons to Ouya are inevitable… and wrong. While Ouya entered in an underground fashion without mainstream appeal, Amazon’s built-in audience has been snatching up Kindles in various forms. Their Kindle Fire, a low cost Android tablet with a more controlled marketplace, remains a top selling product.

What would be unique here is accessibility. Is the Kindle audience one to fire up their television and grab a controller – touch screen or not – to run a quick session of Temple Run or Candy Crush Saga? What if the “console” bucks traditional trends, and works more in line with Google’s recent Chromecast and merely beams titles wirelessly to TV screens?

Under the lights during a burgeoning shopping fest on Black Friday, Amazon’s console could reach an audience, even if it is one based from curiosity. Continue to ignore the pull of mobile gaming, but it’s here, and its market penetration is unequaled.