Halo 4 Gaining New Armor Mods


Coming to Halo 4 Monday, August 19th, are two free customizable armor mods, coinciding with the release of 343’s Champions Map Pack on Tuesday.  Recharge armor abolity lowers shield downtime and Survivor adds quick eject to vehicles perishing in flames, crucial to those Mantis drivers. Ejecting from Halo 4’s mechs is excruciating slow under duress.

Purchasers of the map pack will also receive a preview of Resistor, which allows full mobility even when under fire.

Champions players will have access to an exclusive playlist, along with a new game type, Ricochet, borrowing pieces of pro football. Players can reach goals by throwing the ball into specified map areas or run it in for additional points.

Both armor mod Resistor and gameplay type Resistor will be free to all after a set period of time.