Low Price 12GB PlayStation 3 Now Available


With no fanfare, retail stores have found 12GB PlayStation 3 stock arriving on shelves. The super slim model unit carries a $199 retail cost, around $70 less than other editions. This leverages Sony with low cost consoles headed into Christmas.

However, potential buyers need be aware of 12GB limitations on PlayStation 3. Due to mandatory game installs, 12GB (which will be less than 12 due to necessitated OS functions) can fill almost immediately. Grand Theft Auto V will chip 8GB when it launches. Even optional installs, say Gran Turismo 5, can chop down space to a tune of 6GB, without another 2GB of downloaded updates. Uncharted titles eat up a handful of GBs each.

Sony’s PS3 is the worst console to feature a low memory capacity due to its Blu-ray driven design. While current generation consoles remain abnormally high priced for their retail age, Sony’s rush to bottom dollar targets is being done at a cost – not the benefit – of the end user.