PlayStation 4 Lauch Date, Vita Price Drop @ Gamescom


Sony’s stage presentation at German trade show Gamescom revealed PlayStation 4’s launch date (November 15th in the States, November 29th in Europe), and a price drop for fledgling handheld, Vita ($199, down from $249). PlayStation 4’s launch postures the unit prior to Black Friday shopping, and Vita’s price drop takes place immediately.

Also amidst the news was a drop for ultra high-priced Vita memory cards, 20% for each level, which still keeps them well above standard memory norms. Sony’s highest capacity Vita memory card, 32GB, is dropping to $79.99 from $99.99. By comparison, high speed 32GB SD cards run around $50.

Sony’s conference pushed games above all else, with a deep focus on indie offerings and another jab at Microsoft for their changing policies.