Wii U Dungeons & Dragons Compilation Delayed Again


Capcom’s lavish arcade beat-em-ups, released on XBLA and PSN a few months ago, is still pending release on Wii U. The compilation package dubbed Chronicles of Mystara has failed Nintendo’s quality check. Unconfirmed rumors state a relation to multiplayer bugs as a reason for the hold up.

Capcom is now planning a release for sometime in September. Their full statement is as follows from the Capcom Unity forum:

“We regret to inform you all that the release of the Wii U version of Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara has moved to September,” the statement reads. “There have been a number of development issues and despite our best efforts, the delay could not be avoided. We realize this is a frustrating situation for everyone out there but we ask for your continued patience and support. Updates will be provided as the situation develops.”

Hopefully the fix is quick and Wii U fans still waiting can have access soon,