Nintendo Announces $130 2DS, Wii U Price Drop to $299


Out of nowhere, Nintendo has announced a redesigned flat 3DS (sans 3D) and named it 2DS. Meant for a younger audience and releasing alongside Pokemon X & Y on October 12th, the low cost $130 2DS is capable of all 3DS functions, except 3D. The slider has been removed, and since the clamshell design is no more, a sleep switch has been added to simulate a traditional closed system. Joystiq hosts a promotional video for 2DS to get a better sense of this bizarre design configuration.

Nintendo has also taken steps to make Wii U more accessible, lowering the 32GB Deluxe model’s price to $300, in line with the 8GB Wii U Basic set. Nintendo will also release a rumored Wind Waker HD Wii U bundle, packaged with  a digital copy of the Gamecube remake, for the same $299 price point.