Week in Arcade: TMNT Out of the Shadows


The final Summer of Arcade entrant is UbiSoft’s $15 licensed brawler.

TMNT: Out of the Shadows

Laborious, needlessly complex combat and atrocious, teethy character designs end this years Summer of Arcade on a whimper. The Turtles are reimagined in their traditional fiction (Foot Clan, Baxter Stockman), with refreshed ideas as to their looks. Deeply shadowed locations rob the Turtles of their modern, colorful flavor and whisk audiences back into a visual aesthetic akin to the first live action film. Harnessing combat from Rocksteady’s Arkham franchise without much – if any – of the impact, a complex counter system pulling away from simplicity and general beat-em-up enjoyment. Combos lose fluidity, and with a camera system consistently out of place, Out of the Shadows crumples under pressure.  Turtles devotees: Wait for a price drop if you must pick this up.