History Does Not Repeat: No Wii U Ambassador Program


Nintendo’s announcement of a Wii U price drop caused some to wonder whether the 3DS Ambassador program would find itself repeated on new hardware. When Nintendo lowered the price of their (then) struggling 3DS, users who purchased hardware prior to the drop at full price received a bevy of NES & Game Boy Advance Virtual Console games at no cost.

For Wii U early adopters? You won’t be compensated. A Nintendo representative confirmed the news to Wii U Daily:

“[The Ambassador program is] only available to any Nintendo 3DS owner who purchased their system before August 12, 2011 and there are no plans for a similar program for Wii U. I know this isn’t what you were hoping for.”

Wii U found itself struggling from the outset, including mixed, confusing marketing alongside the standard Wii and what some felt was a costly pricing decision. Nintendo will be lowering the price of their Wii U Deluxe 32GB system to $300, matching a price point set for the Wii U Basic (which Nintendo supposedly recalled).

Image: Gamespot