Week in Arcade: World Series Poker, Castle of Illusion


Come out of a disappointing Summer of Arcade, we’re recipients of a free Poker title and $15 retro remake.

WSOP: Full House Pro

Cross-platform play (and its freemium price) are the only reasons to jump into this as opposed to a series of other Poker titles on XBLA. Avatar usage is not a special inclusion. Awful frame rates and sluggish loading time dim appeal, and a pricey store only a button click away feels like the cash grab it is. It won’t hurt to download, but you can do better.

Castle of Illusion

Remade from an early Sega Genesis gem, Castle of Illusion botches a dream like motion for polygonal jitters. Mickey’s jump, a freeing, coasting leap in the original, is now an uncharacteristic, slightly late responding jerk into the air. Critical as it is for all of Illusion, it becomes impossible to grace this do over with a recommendation. A squandered frame rate further bungles appeal, robbing visuals of their beauty. Of consequence is a revitalized soundtrack, cautious of original pacing and themes. It is the only highlight.