Xbox Live Rewards Touched Up for New Marketplace


With the switch to a real money marketplace, Xbox Live Rewards underwent revisions, reawakened after petering out during a hiatus.

Still branded Xbox Live Rewards, the new system awards credits in bunches, with each 5,000 credits being worth $5, to be deposited up to twice per month.

Credits can be earned by simply playing new games, with 1,000 credits awarded for each played for 10 hours. Monthly punch cards offer bonuses for certain tasks, this inaugural month supplying credits for map pack purchases, renting TV/movies, and using apps for more than five hours. Renewing Gold memberships? Those tally credits too, with 3,000 awarded for a full year.

Additional means included referring friends and taking surveys. If you’re playing on Xbox 360, there are few reasons not to sign up. It’s free money for doing what you already do.