Slim PS Vita Takes Screen Quality Hit


Sony’s attempt to lower the cost of their fledgling handheld comes at a cost to the end user. Replacing Sony’s OLED Vita screen is a distinctly cheaper LCD, which as a picture Tweeted out by a Japanese user shows, is a costly decision.

On the top, you can see the original Vita, with superb black levels and rich color, especially in the water. By comparison, the bottom screen is washed out, faded, and flat. Yellows are distinct, washing out whites almost entirely. It’s important to note quality differences based on viewing angles; LCDs do not hold up well when turned. However, this images seems front on.

Hiro 1998 also stated the new Vita felt cheap, “like a Chinese knock-off.” While the new Vita does have some improvements, including broader, circular start/select buttons, it would seem those who own original units are safe from a needed upgrade.