Week in Arcade: Ducktales Remastered


Summer of Arcade closes up shop and follows is this $15 remake.

Ducktales Remastered

Brilliant job by WayForward to encapsulate the bouncy fun locked inside the NES original. Scrooge McDuck sets off to snag his loot from a band of thieves, while his chatty grand kids tag along to be kidnapped. Polygon visuals and generously animated sprite work does clash, although there is tremendous charm to counteract the jarring visual choice. Precise controls keep Scrooge mobile beyond his years, and level design extensions are natural. While Capcom/WayForward did secure DuckTales original TV cast, using them with such obnoxious frequency is a bother. Otherwise, this remake is fantastic, and seeing it reestablished for a new generation is welcoming even to veterans.