Capcom Fighting Evolution Coming to PSN


Capcom once announced a polygonal fighter titled Fighting All-Stars, an original 3D one-on-one fighter with ambitions to push their stranglehold on the genre forward.

Instead, they scrapped it all and made Capcom Fighting Evolution.

The 2D fighter was pieced together to salvage the project, ripping outdated sprites from their respective franchises (Street Fighter, Darkstalkers, Red Earth), and clumsily mashing them together without any sense of competitive balance. Oddly, the game will be included in PSN’s “PlayStation 2 Classics” line, a title Evolution does not deserve.

Evolution’s only bright spot are sprites/characters from Red Earth, an often forgotten creature fighter which has never seen home release. Even then, it’s still not much to go on, and there has been no price announcement despite launch being scheduled for Tues., September 17th.