Wii Sports Club Reinvigorating Wii Sports in HD


Titular all-time best selling game software Wii Sports will see daylight on Wii U, albeit in a different configuration.

Wii Sports Club will taunts users with the original five Wii Sports games – Bowling, Tennis, Baseball, Golf, and Boxing – but sell them individually with enhanced online features. Wii MotionPlus implementation will boos accuracy, online competition will be included, and clubs can be formed to personalize competition. It would seem the base game will remain unchanged, as in, no single player leagues, character progression, or other attributes.

Wii Sports Club will price its individual games at $10 each, totaling (of course) to $50 if you want them all. Oddly, “trial” versions which last 24 hours can be had for $1.99.

No word on a physical release. Bowling and Tennis will be up on November 7th, with the others to follow at an as of yet undetermined date.

Also on November 1st, users will have access to a free digital copy of Wii Fit U. That promotion lasts one month.

[Note] Screen shot is from Wii Sports. Nintendo did not release screens of the HD version.