Halo 3, Might & Magic Free on XBL in Oct.


Microsoft’s Games with Gold promo is continuing into October with two more offerings, this time XBLA gem Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes and initially promised Halo 3.

Halo 3 was one of two games announced when the promotion was revealed, the second being Assassin’s Creed 2, which became one of the first games offered. Note that Halo 3 online modes require certain map packs to play, some of which have become free with time, others which still carry a charge. Single player is, of course, unaffected.

Might & Magic is a brutally difficult yet satisfying RPG/puzzle hybrid, an underrated gem which has been on sale a few times, but always shot back up to $15 after the sale. It will be available on October 1st for free if you subscribe to Xbox Live Gold.

Halo 3 goes free October 16th.