Wii U Batman Arkham Origins Lacks Multiplayer, Carries Lower Price


Nintendo fans seeking out some online ruckus via Batman: Arkham Origins will be disappointed to learn those modes have been cut. The Wii U version of Warner Bros. Montreal licensed rumble fest had its online content cut back in July due to a lack of online focus for Nintendo’s hardware.

The solution? Wii U purchasers will be the recipient of a price cut. Batman: Arkham Origins will only run $50 on Wii U as opposed to the $60 on other consoles. Pre-orders already feature the lower-than-average price.

Multiplayer is designed to be a three-way scuffle between Joker & Bane henchman versus Batman & Robin, made by Splash Damage.

With a $10 cut, it would seem most of the focus remains in single player, Warner does not have confidence in multiplayer as an offering, or they simply do not want to devalue the license all together. Reason lies in the third option.