Killzone Shadow Fall Pushing Blu-ray, Download Limits


Sony’s Blu-ray spec maxes at 50GB, which according to Sony’s UK lead Fergal Gara, is where PlayStation 4 launch title Killzone: Shadow Fall currently sits in terms of scale and size.

This goes for both physical and digital versions. Current titles will max somewhere around 25GB, sometimes a hair higher in extreme cases.

Sony’s new console ships with a 500GB HDD internally. With space set aside for OS functions, putting eight major AAA titles on the console will consume enormous memory if they begin to push the limits of the spec. It is of course possible for some titles to break the 50GB barrier, sent to retail on multiple discs and shattering ISP bandwidth limits in the process. Games of this scale could easily put a barrier between consumers and digital download acceptance.

Gara speaks on a number of PlayStation 4 topics to Eurogamer, and the interview is worth a read.