UK Secures Triple Pack of Wii U Bundles


Sagging sales? Bundle!

Or so goes Nintendo’s logic, and it’s sound. First up comes a black, 32GB Wii U with New Super Mario Bros. U and its expansion, New Super Luigi U on a special disc. At retail, the duo are sold separately.

Dueling 8GB white bundles swing in Wii Remotes, one with Wii Party U and original pack-in, Nintendo Land. The second aims at the fitness types with Just Dance 4 taking lead, and yes, a Wii Remote & Nintendo Land. Note these two 8GB system bundles are considered limited, although in what capacity is unspecified.

The bundles come with tiered release dates, the 32GB system hitting November 8th, Wii Party U on the 15th, and Just Dance on the 22nd. Nintendo’s press release did not note any price, although Eurogamer noticed a 249 pound price for each.