Halo 4 Drops to $10 at Multiple Retailers


In a month where Microsoft’s once mighty and untouchable first-person shooter franchise dropped to 13th played overall on the Xbox Live activity charts, it w0uld seem an impromptu sale would be in order. Beginning at Amazon but stretching to Best Buy and others, Halo 4 is down to a meager $10.

It’s a great deal for one of the more heavily modified multiplayer entries in the series, and includes a campaign loaded with production value. It was good enough to finish second in MPG’s best of 2012.

Those looking to push a little further may want to consider a recently released, “Game of the Year” edition, which loads itself with all DLC to date. Even at $10 for the basic version, map pack costs will run over the $45 asking price for the re-release. Interested only in the campaign? Stick to the standard release and enjoy at a great price.