Week in Arcade: Hexodius, Millionaire


Dual XBLA releases at $10 a piece this week, and refreshingly small file sizes to save on HDD space!


As if existing in a dome where Geometry Wars is still the in-thing on XBLA, Hexodius provides remarkably dulled dual analog shooting action of little consequence. Upgrades to your ship are smart, and the hex-based level selection is novel, but ultimately, routine arena based shooting runs itself dry. The genre has reached hyper saturation, particularly with the influx of Xbox Live Indie games using this routine as to squelch Hexodius before it launches. Wholly competent and smooth, is equally unremarkable.

Who Wants to be a Millionaire

Utilizing a hideously generic and bored host, Millionaire has never been this dry. Seemingly built to sell DLC question packs, the pitiful presentation captures none of the tension or excitement evident on the show itself. The basics are intact, including life lines from confused non-friends, but this is ultimately a paired down version of the popular licensed property with only the basics of trivia pressure applied.