Two Key PlayStation 4 Launch Titles Facing Possible Delays


Were you excited for UbiSoft’s techno thriller Watch Dogs? Don’t be, at least not yet. UbiSoft confirmed the heavily publicized next-gen launch title will no longer find itself amongst the hardware launch line ups. Watch Dogs has slipped into a more open period of Spring, 2014. Note this delay hits all platforms, including the “we’re still waiting to see them” current generation versions.

That will not dull the excitement of Sony’s new hardware exclusively, but the absence of DriveClub might. The Same Coin reports the exclusive simulation driving title from Sony and Evolution studios has been rumored to be pushed back, also to Spring, 2014. There has been no response from the developer or Sony.

Both titles are new generation IPs which were set to launch in the face of established AAA retail efforts. These could be skittish fears playing out in a difficult (and cramped) retail space during holidays or legitimate delays with about one month to go before launch.