Madden 25 Next-Gen Trailer Shows off Animation

EA has revealed Madden 25 for next gen consoles, and despite a slim visual leap, the differences are clearly in motion.

Madden 25 will not astound in stills. Compared to the visual fidelity seen in the remarkable NBA 2K14 trailer released this week, Madden almost seems to be a stop gap.

However, the devil is in the details if you’re one to latch onto cliches. Traditionally, sports games were held to a world of robotic movements or illogical transitions. With more space, players are clearly moving fluidly as they switch directions. Usually routines would be cut short or clipped to segue to respond faster to control inputs. Madden 25 seems to be working within the spectrum of its physics engine in tandem with expanded animation to better mirror on-field reality.

It is fair to call out the limited fidelity gap between current and next gen; we will likely be doing so often. Certain developers will handle the transition better than others, but even if Madden 25 is not a spectacular boon to football gaming, it would seem memories of the featureless Madden 06 have been discarded. EA can pepper their trailer with players and devs, but the footage shows some hefty weight to the restructured engine moving forward.