Nintendo Discontinues Wii Production


Despite releasing some weird, crimped Wii to the wild lands of Canada, it would seem Nintendo has chosen to discontinue producing Wii consoles.

Nintendo’s Wii stands as the most successful console of the previous generation, in a landslide margin for much of its run. Marketing and wide appeal stretched the console out of traditional markets and onto nightly news (or nursing homes). For the chagrin passed onto the hardware by the hardcore community, Wii was ultimately understated amongst the die-hard sector.

Nintendo is, of course, now in full swing with the Wii U, mistakes and sagging sales be damned. Wii was a sales rocket, creating hyper inflated Christmas sales on the fiery appeal of Wii Sports. Wii U is more a caboose on a train stalling across a roadway. It will arrive, but its delivery system will take some time.

Wii gave us some stunning classics, including multiple Zelda titles, Mario Galaxy (times two!), a superb Mario Kart, and one of the best Kirby titles ever in Epic Yarn. The system is passing on, but hopefully its legacy holds to what it did right and not the clunkers which never amounted to anything above shovelware.