PlayStation 4 Allows Real Name Usage at Launch


Much like YouTube’s effort to stem the tide of negativity, Sony’s online service for PlayStation 4 will offer the option to use real names on PSN in addition to their traditional created ID. Connected (and confirmed) via Facebook.

Note this feature is off by default, and must be engaged by the user if they’re interested. It is an entirely optional feature.

The hope is players connecting and displaying their names, especially when associated with their social media accounts, will behave naturally as they do in public settings. Anonymity is a breeding ground for hate speech and vulgarity. If no one knows who you are, acting uncontrolled carries no consequences.

Of course, the downside to this becomes people knowing who you are, which exposes privacy loopholes.  Sony is appropriately making this optional, but the effort is appreciated.

Note Microsoft is also considering this feature, but not at launch for Xbox One.