Week in Arcade Part Deux: Castlevania, Magrunner


One peak $15 price and two large file sizesĀ  for these dueling Friday releases.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate

Brought over from the 3DS game of the same name (sans 3D), Mirror of Fate is an often clumsy and boxy exploration title, although the layer of polish applied to this do over is appreciable. Combat no longer sags and feels imprecise, with satisfying whip attacks blended with RPG leveling. Level design, however, is crushed by repetition and dull layouts. That has not changed. Visual prowess is better exposed here particularly in cinematics where aliasing and broken cel shaded lines no longer interfere. This is the way to play this so-so entry.

Magrunner: Dark Pulse

Portal meets magnets in this future space. Use a glove to shoot stuff with energy and pile boxes to solve puzzles. It’s Portal-light without the inherent imagination involved. Connections to social media is wasted, and puzzles turn to tedium as the game progresses. For brain teaser fans, there is likely enough to challenge and amuse, but ultimately the effect is empty. Your mind won’t be appreciated with this PC port.