PS4 Needs Day One Patch for Basic Functionality


Like to play Blu-rays? There’s a patch for that. Want to play online? There’s a patch for that. Want to link the Vita to the PlayStation 4? Yep, there’s a patch for that.

The 300MB day one PlayStation 4 patch is almost required for most people to engage in the basic functionality of the system. However, disc based games will be playable for those without internet connectivity, or if servers become overwhelmed come launch day.

This does raise questions as to how prepared the system is as it’s dropped into its shipping box. How rushed can a console be when it cannot play Blu-ray movies, despite Blu-ray being the main disc format for the console? How is multiplayer not an option when the console comes tearing from its packaging?

Those without broadband or without regular connectivity to the internet should (likely) be able to download the patch from any connected PC and run the update from a USB thumbstick, which is the option players have with PlayStation 3 units.

Source: Polygon