EA Reveals Their Next-Gen Golf Game, Sans Tiger Woods


Tiger Woods took the cover spot of EA’ golfing franchise in 1999, replacing the simulation heavy PGA Tour. Since then, golf fans spent 16 years with Tiger, charting his career, creating their golfers, and competing against a roster of pros.

Next gen? Not so much.

EA announced they are dropping Tiger Woods’ name and instead focusing on the PGA as a whole. The company reiterated the strength of their PGA partnership in a statement, while revealing the first work-in-progress shot of their graphics engine (above).

The Masters and key courses (Augusta) slowly became part of the franchise as time passed, lessening the importance of Woods as a cover athlete – as if his off course indiscretions did not perform equal duty. Given his limited importance in-game, dropping Woods was clearly a means of lessening budgetary restraints in an era of growing developmental expense. A change in title would likely have minimal or no impact on sales given the pedigree of the series as a whole.

There were no statements made as to what the next-gen PGA series would be called. Putting money on PGA Golf  or a rebirth of PGA Tour would probably be safe.