Sony Releases Massive PlayStation 4 FAQ


With over 160 questions answered, Sony has spelled out PlayStation 4 functionality in full. Wondering about use games, streaming, and HDD support? Those are all here.

Interesting notes include the inability to support external hard drives in any capacity, no DLNA options, lack of MP3 or CD support, and the lack of 4K options when it comes to gaming.

Contradictory notes can be found in the 3D section. While both Assassin’s Creed IV and Call of Duty: Ghosts were rumored to support stereoscopic 3D (both were listed in the 3D area of the PS Store), Sony’s FAQ states otherwise.

Growing feature richness and complexity inevitably leads to questions, although what of the less tech inclined consumer? The sheer volume of questions are assuredly baffling to someone less informed, even if they do research.

The Super NES? It’s FAQ would have one point: Insert game, play. You have to wonder if console adoption is hindered by the growth of options.