US Recieves Wii Mini, Free Mario Kart


The previous Canadian exclusive, Wii Mini, will find its way Stateside. The near featureless console (removing GameCube compatibility and all online functionality) will retail for $99 and include a copy of Mario Kart Wii.

The top loading unit should be available November 17th.

Recent news noted Nintendo was ceasing production of the Wii, a decision which revealed itself to be exclusive to Japan. Nintendo believes the Wii still has life, and much like the PlayStation 2, could conceivably churn in the market for a few more years.

Unfortunately, this introduces another bloodline in the Wii family which will continue to bolster consumer confusion. The Wii, Wii Mini, and Wii U – all systems which use the same controllers and play the same Wii games – will sit on market shelves in tandem. Nintendo’s insistence in mingling these hardware choices is begging for mixed messaging.