Pikmin 3 Battle Enemies DLC Arrives


Pikmin 3 is receiving a batch of DLC titled Battle Enemies. These use stages from the main story mode and bolster it with enemies. Instead of exploration, this is direct combat with leaderboard implications. These stages can be played in co-op or solo. Think survival mode with arcade-like tactics.

The first Battle Enemies map is free, part of a software update which should already be live when you launch the game. This trial leads into four additional levels at $1.99. Battle Enemies is DLC number two for Pikmin 3 after an expanded mission mode surfaced earlier in the year.

Pikmin 3 is a contender for MPG’s game of the year, and if you need a current reason to purchase the fledgling Wii U, this is certainly it. And, with such cheap DLC, keeping Pikmin 3 relevant, the game has proven staying power.