Madden 25 is a PlayStation 4 Embarrassment


EA’s sports division promised to make the console transition smoother than they did in 2005. Madden 06 was an infamously incomplete product on Xbox 360, but despite promises of a sharp transition, EA was weirdly docile about pushing its next-gen football title. We now know why.

Madden 25 is Madden 25, and by that, it’s the same game it was back in August, only now released in November. Assets are shared between the two to a point wherein glitches such as stadium polygonal clipping are featured on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. AI quirks are cloned. Animations are untouched. Physics remain wonky. The only thing considered new is a glitch where players freeze in place mid-motion in post-play cinematics. That probably wasn’t intended.

The only thing to be proud of is Madden 25’s feature set. Everything is here. Ultimate Team, online careers, franchise modes, etc. Nothing however can justify a $60 price. The work done – and by no means due to lazy developers but rather budgets/time – is a mere pittance compared to reasonable expectations. Not doubt the Xbox One edition will be identical.

It’s a shame too since the overall impression of PlayStation 4 has been positive since launch. Everything has worked and proven impressive. Then, Madden 25 happened and brought those positive next gen vibes to a dismal halt.

Expect plenty of PlayStation 4 coverage as we go through the week.