‘Kinect Sensor is Unplugged’ – An Xbox One Story


I would like to write about Microsoft’s next-gen Kinect. I planned too actually. As someone who was never fond of the previous peripheral, I expected to be wowed and blown away by the new one’s functionality. Clearly this device is meant to be integrated tightly into the new Dashboard.

Except, my Kinect doesn’t work. Knowing I’m not alone helps. Stories are different. Some people were able to use their Kinects without problems and they suddenly ceased working. Others, like myself, apparently received DOA units. From the moment I booted the system, the Kinect was not recognized. My little spy camera never even flickered to life, and the Dash simply tells me the “Kinect Sensor is Unplugged.’ Some people have disc drive issues, so in some way, I’m in the lesser category of launch day problems.

Calling Xbox Support states there is a three hour wait time. Yes, hours. I waited forty minutes before giving up. This could be an issue which will be fixed via firmware update, or maybe the Sensor itself is borked. Either way, that piece about how Kinect made Ryse a better game (possibly) is clearly set to be delayed.