DuckTales Remastered’s Beatiful Piano Bliss

Closing out DuckTales Remastered means a credit sequence, in most cases readily skippable material. And yet, credits begin with the full DuckTales theme song (impossible to turn off) before transitioning into a medley of themes. I was reminded of Super Street Fighter IV’s credits music which blended a menagerie of classic/new themes with specialized touches to bring them to dramatic closure.

But then, DuckTales does something extraordinary, a stunningly classy rendition of the famed Moon theme performed on a piano (embedded above). It’s a rare piece which shows utter reverence for the source material to a point of generating chills. The Moon theme remix on its own is stupendous, with the right investment of digital touches and hints of orchestration (the bells are genius). Come the end credits, it’s been turned into something hauntingly nostalgic, as if someone (in this case, Jake Kaufman) fully understood the high regard a child carried for these level specific songs and what they meant to the experience. Then, it’s turned into something an adult can appreciate on the level of musical art.

Say what you will for YouTube comments, but user rukmag says it best: “These are not tears… this is liquid pride.”