Rayman Legends Coming to Current Gen Consoles


One of 2013’s best will still be so going into 2014. UbiSoft’s Rayman Legends will squat on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles on February 25th in the US, and 28th in the UK. The announcement came via Facebook with an odd trailer featuring Snoop Dogg.

Those who waited – or those who wish to experience the rapid-fire platformer a second time – will be recipients of consoles exclusives and reportedly technical upgrades (better visuals, load times, new challenges, Touch Pad support on PS4). Both systems will carry costumes unique to the platform of choice; Xbox One gains an Assassin outfit and PlayStation 4 secures Vaas’ outfit from Far Cry 3.

No word on how visuals will be improved as Legends already ran at 1080p with a lock at 60fps. But, if UbiSoft can somehow make 2013’s most beautiful game even better, so be it.